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Physiotherapy in Verbier

Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function following an injury, an episode of illness or a surgical intervention. Our dynamic team will adapt the treatment to each patient to ensure they reach their goals as quickly as possible. All our therapists are bilingual in English and French and are recognised by the Swiss health and accident insurances.

We offer a large range of treatments including:

Communication (11)

*on prescription

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Anxiety. The messanger.

Anxiety. So, what does it FEEL like in your system? Physically it could feel like: tightness in the chest, a rounded, closed (to life) posture; difficulty breathing deeply; difficulty sleeping …

BE-ing in Alignment

In the holistic approach we often hear people talking about body (physical), mind (mental) and soul (spiritual) alignment but what does it mean? As physiotherapists we are taught to observe …